Nadine Baladi
Nadine has always gone out of her way to support a colleague, share her vast knowledge in leadership and education and is always there to lift others up. She's generous with her time even with her busy life, while also being an example of leading a passionate personal life outside of work with any a hobbies and prioritizing family time. She's someone I deeply admire and am lucky we crossed paths in this world.
Cassy McInnis
Kudos for your resourcefulness, your commitment to getting the work done, your great skills in building new relationships, your positive thinking, and your focus on providing rich and meaningful international education opportunities!
Iyonka Strawn-Valcy
Kudos to you, Iyonka, for your tireless work on behalf of students, faculty, and staff! Your communication is always respectful and forward-looking, even in stressful situations -- hats off to you for your relentless kindness.
Merve Ozdemir
We love you! We came a long way and did your best!
Ailsa Lamont
You are a rockstar and we (the international education world) are so fortunate to have you leading us toward a more sustainable future.
Alicia L Ross
Hello, I am nominating myself. I am so grateful for the things I have been afforded to do over the years. Specifically, as it relates to Diversity and Inclusion in International Education awareness through extensive public speeches at conferences, committees, and school presentations.
Lillian Read
Lillian is a thoughtful, inclusive leader with innovative ideas. She often offers a perspective I had not considered, which ultimately strengthens our approach and our work on whatever project is at hand. I love the way she is able to connect with colleagues, making them realize how much they are valued.She creates a sense of community within her team, which makes work all the more rewarding for everyone.
Lisa Brancheau
Kudos to Lisa! Thanks for all you've done for the Global Leadership League's Mentoring and Career Connections programs. With your expertise, we've been able to refine content and enhance programming in an organized and streamlined way. We'll miss having you on the team, but as a long-standing connection in the International/Higher Ed space I hope we can collaborate again!
Jessica Jones
Jess, You are rocking this whole two kid/working mom thing! You are cool under pressure and have a natural way of pushing the team to be our best while also setting realistic expectations. Well done!
Erica Jorgenson
Erica's leadership, strength with relationship building and positivity lifts up our entire team! I'm so grateful for the energy and creativity she brings to our campus and our office.
Woendi Hampton
Belated kudos to Woendi for becoming an IEAA fellow and really for being a super colleague and friend and invaluable member of the international education community.
Madhuri Venkata
I have loved working with Madhuri on several projects over the past few months, she always keeps me on my toes and is such a force of positive energy!
Coryn Shiflet
Your creativity, authenticity, drive, and ability to highlight the possibility that exists in every challenge inspire me! I gain so much from our conversations and from watching you as a mother, a friend, and a colleague.
Cynthia Banks
Cyn, you are an inspiration! You are going through a very trying time and I know you will come through it! Just wanted to give you a shout out because you are so appreciated!
Mary Stegmaier
Kudos Mary!
For assuming the helm of internationalization at Mizzou and helping us navigate through uncharted (understatement of the year) waters.
Thank you for your service and support!
Kimberly Connelly
Kudos my friend!
For brightening the path and adding heart to all you do with your students and doctors at KUMC. Host communities wherever you go and international students under your care can always count with your loving respect.
Shine on!

Lorna Aviles
Lorna- your contributions to the League's Mentoring Team are so appreciated. You have an amazing talent for curriculum design and content development, and you do this with impressive speed and efficiency! Thank you for helping to enhance Mentoring program content and best wishes in your future endeavors!
Jennifer Ellis Fritz
Jennifer was a fantastic mentor to me through the Global Leadership League Career Connections program. Her kindness, ideas and encouragement were so appreciated, especially during a busy season of work for her. In just a few conversations, Jennifer's guidance helped me discern best next steps for my job search. Global Leadership League made a great match for me and I really appreciate this opportunity!
Jacleen Mowery
Jacki has been a mentor to me as I have shifted by learning abroad specialty into risk and safety. She has been a sounding board for personal challenges and work inspiration. I wanted to send her a huge KUDOS for being such a fantastic friend and colleague.
Jessica Webb
Jess, I have watched you work tirelessly for the past year to support an extraordinary amount of students study abroad during these unprecedented times. We would not be able to send students abroad to TCU programs without you. Thank you and congratulations on a phenomenal job!!
Malaika Marable Serrano
Malaika has made countless contributions and touched many lives in her career as an educator, researcher, author, and administrator, particularly in the field of global education. She is a true leader in her commitment to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in education abroad and beyond. Malaika is a dedicated mentor who openly shares her wisdom, experience, and grace with colleagues at all levels. She is a changemaker and innovator in all she does. Kudos, Malaika!
Sarah Spencer
Hi All,

we all know Sarah Spencer and I think it would be fitting for an inaugural kudos to be for her. She has done so much for our field, given so much to the League and supported so many of us individually in various capacities. Especially now, in her new role, she guides, supports and cheers us on in many ways as Coach. Please join me in saying a big Kudos to Sarah!
Cara Doble
I'd like to recognize Cara Doble for her steadfast leadership as the Assistant Director for the Fulbright South and Central Asia program management team at the Institute of International Education. Cara is an enthusiastic and caring manager: she always puts her team first, advocates for our needs and growth, and make sure we're able to balance a multitude of competing priorities for our region. Thanks for all you do to make us the #dreamteam, Cara!
Joel Gallegos
Joel Gallegos has supported and encouraged scores of international education professionals and has always been generous with introducing us to his network and sharing his wisdom and advice. He has been a great mentor and friend, and I am eternally grateful for his support throughout my career in higher ed. Merci beaucoup, Joel!
Lornaida Avilés de León
Kudos to Lorna who has been volunteering with the League as the Mentor Content Coordinator. She has revamped the workbooks that guide the Mentor Circles and even added two new workbooks over the last two years. Thank you for these contributions that will have a lasting impact on future Mentor Circles!
Sara Stratton
A big kudos to Sara! It's hard to handle everything during a staffing shortage, let alone while learning a new role. Kudos to Sara for balancing her many new responsibilities, keeping the ship running, and sharing her skills. Sara - your dedication to learning and your support of Global Programs are so valuable. Thank you for all that you do!
Lynn Neddo
Lynn was my Mentor for the 2021 February-July cycle. She enthusiastically and strategically encouraged me to think about my next career move. Lynn provided me with insightful feedback and empowering discussion. I am thankful for the GLL Mentor program because it brought the two of us together who may, otherwise, never have crossed paths. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your contagious sprightly and inspiring spirit!
Purvi Parekh
Ms. Purvi Parekh is a passionate educator, a lifelong year, and a certified educator. She has excelled in the field of education, advocating global goals and working on action-oriented by making sustainable lifestyle choices. She is a change-maker and believes in education for all. She proactively volunteers for many causes.
Kate Simpson
Just a few days before the Kudos initiative, Kate announced an update to our organization's method of giving internal accolades. Instead of "Bragging Rights", we will now use "Team Spotlights". She shared that this was "a chance to shine a (brief) light on something ... that contributes meaningfully to what we do as an organization."

Kudos to Kate for being such a clear and compassionate communicator-- indeed, a shining light, herself, to the organization!
Kate Kirk
Kate, Kudos to you for keeping students as the focus of your work and your leadership! I appreciate so much that you always, always maintain respectful and kind communication.
Allison Noffsinger
Alli, You are always a person who finds solutions to problems, who finds a constructive way forward, and who doesn't ruminate. We can all benefit from being reminded to focus on our goals for each situation, and you model that in how you work, live, and lead!
Shelley McFarlan Jewell
Kudos, Shelley!
Thank you for being a great mentor!
I appreciate you and I want to thank you for encouraging me to participate in such leadership leagues!
Margaret McCullers
Margaret consistently impresses me with her willingness to jump in and support new teams and projects that enable the wider success of our organization. She is a highly skilled International Educator who still jumps at the chance to learn new things. I feel lucky to work with her every day.
Hayley Ni Bhriain
You give so much time, energy and passion to all that you do. You deserve Kudos for your hard work and dedication in providing fantastic experiences to the students that join you in Ireland, the business' they get to partner with for internships and your ongoing drive to create, manage and and support great programmes.
Sigrid Berka
Dr. Suleman is an experienced international educator and a visionary leader who was the founder of Study Maryland/Maryland International Education Consortium. She brings international educators together with compassion and purpose.
Sigrid Berka
You are endlessly creative at finding solutions to keep programs running and keep students learning and engaged in international education! It was evident before, but 2020 and 2021 have really highlighted your skills and commitment!
Maria Alves
You were innovative and showed such amazing leadership with the preparation and execution of the session for the American Society for Engineering Education conference - wow!
Meghan Penland
You always keep your focus on the mission, and on finding paths forward that build community, Meghan. Hats off to you!
Christy Grant
I applaud your equanimity, your courage, and your commitment to keeping those you serve at the center of your decision-making. Kudos to you!
Tonija Hope Navas
Kudos to you, Tonija, for your justice-based approach to supporting international education for all. You illuminate ideas and actions that advance social justice through international education.
Alex Markman
I applaud you for your leadership of Foro Argentino para la Educación are an innovator and a community builder!
Nazanin Tork
I am impressed by your constant reflection and striving for better!