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Name: Joan Li

Comments: Hello Scott,

Do you still remember Joan Li? I once worked for you at Beijing Scene for a few months. I'm now in Canada. I'm going to translate a novel series by a Chinese writer. I'm wondering whether you're interested in polishing my translation.If so, we can cooperate.

Looking forward to your reply,


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Name: Robert Saiget

Comments: Damn it, Savitt! It's about time! I've been waiting for this ever since the Beijing Scene was quashed and the Duke U newspaper published the article about your lobster sashimi banquet with those propaganda assholes! A breath of fresh air when compared to the English drivel coming out of China.

Literature is long and life is short, bro! Congratulations.

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Name: Randy Elliott

Comments: Hi Scott
I was passing by the book store and saw your picture and an announcement you'd be there signing copies of your book. In fact you'd surfaced in my memory just recently for no particular reaso. Just a random "I wonder where he is now..." thing. North Carolina I thought. And our correspondence had petered out so it was a thrill to see you've published the stories you'd told me in person on the hill of Codonices Park many years ago. I'm still in the same place. Glad and proud for and of you for your writing. Mazeltov dude.
Randy Elliott

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Name: Ken Oliver

Comments: Do they have Camels (cigarettes) in China?

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Name: Chairman Mao

Comments: Test